Managing Covid and other respiratory viruses

Apr 21, 2023

Covid cases are still averaging around 5,000 per week in NSW (over 26,000 Australia-wide), so it is important to continue to remain COVID-safe. While we have currently relaxed the mask wearing requirements at the Clinic, we ask that you be considerate of others and advise our reception team by phone if you have any symptoms that may be transmissible prior to entering the Clinic or the Annexe. This gives us opportunity to adapt our consultation methods with you to ensure you receive the care you need, while also helping to minimise any possible exposure to other vulnerable patients.

If you have respiratory symptoms and would like to see a doctor, we ask that you do a Covid test first. If it is negative, call reception on 6628 0505 to book an acute ‘on-the-day’ respiratory clinic appointment. Please stay in your car when you arrive and call our reception team so they can let the doctor know you are here. When the doctor is ready, they will call your mobile and advise where they will meet you for the consultation.

If your RAT is positive, please call to arrange a telehealth phone consultation so our on call doctor can discuss with you how best to manage your illness. Anti viral medication is available for people over 70 years of age; people over 60 with one risk factor; people over 50 with two risk factors; Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people over 30 with one risk factor; and people over 18 years who are immunocompromised. Early access to anti virals is an effective method for reducing the chance of severe illness and hospitalisation.

Covid booster shots are available at Terry White – recommended for those 65 and over and available to anyone over 18.

If you would like your doctor or nurse to wear a mask during a routine appointment at the main clinic, they will happily do so on request.