For in hours GP consultations, patients will be out of pocket a maximum of $42 (‘the gap’) after receiving the Medicare rebate. For after hours consultations, the maximum gap will be $80.

Standard Consultation (in hours)                   $79.00      Medicare Rebate $37.05

Concession                                                       $71.00

Pension                                                             $66.00

Long Consultation  (in hours)                        $113.00       Medicare Rebate $71.70

Concession                                                      $108.00

Pension                                                            $103.00

Children aged 5yrs and under will be Bulk Billed for their consultation.

After Hours Consultation (7am-8am and 6pm-11pm)    $209.00     Medicare Rebate $129.80

After Hours Consultation (11pm – 7am)                         $233.00     Medicare Rebate $153.00

For other fees (e.g. biopsy, ECG, spirometry, iron infusions, dietitian consultation, etc), please ask at reception. Our Doctors will discuss any additional out of pocket expenses prior to being incurred.