Announcing: Emaildigest | All you need to know

Apr 18, 2011


Whereas What I Learnt Today is ‘one thing each day’, Emaildigest is ‘all you need to know’.

Did you know that 1 billion new pages are added to the world wide web each day.

999,999,993 of these are pages that you should completely ignore – 650,000,003 are drivel and will damage your brain, 349,999,980 are irrelevant to your life, and 10 of them  will get you arrested just for viewing them

How can you find the 7 (or so) pages you need to know about each day?

We are proud to announce your new friend,  – ‘all you need to know’. Our team at Emaildigest (ie me) pick the few articles each day you need to know about if you are to remain a contributing member of our society, and we  protect you from all the rest of the dangerous web.

How can you make use of Emaildigest?

You can visit our new groovy web site each day.

Or, you can subscribe to our RSS feed at and get Emaildigest pushed to your newsreader.

Or, you can join the tribe of happy subscribers. Each morning for breakfast you will receive a piping hot email with links to the articles of the day.

Visit to subscribe.

We look forward to serving all you need to know.

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