Bluff your way through the Rugby World Cup – Part Three: Why the All Blacks will Choke

Oct 12, 2011


Mike Colman of the Daily Telegraph has published a masterful analysis of the RWC Semi-final to be held this Sunday (7pm EDST),

Why All Blacks will choke at Rugby World Cup

Some highlights:

THE All Blacks had lunch yesterday with the New Zealand team that won the 1987 World Cup. Ambulances stood by in case any of the current lot of players choked.


In the lead-up to this tournament all little New Zealanders went to bed with the same prayer, “God bliss Mum and Did, and don’t lit anything hippen to Dan Carter or

Ruchie McCaw, eh men.”


What’s the difference between a tea-bag and the All Blacks? A tea bag stays in the cup longer.

What do you call 15 guys sitting around the TV watching the Rugby World Cup final? The All Blacks.

Why did Graham Henry go to the ball dressed as a pumpkin? Because he hoped when the clock struck 12 he would turn into a coach.


Go Mike! and C’mon the Wallabies!

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