Damn you, auto-correct!

Mar 29, 2011

Modern smartphones have the very useful feature of correcting your typing mistakes by predicting what you actually intended to type.

Drats. What I meant to say in the preceding sentence was that modern smartphones have the amazingly annoying feature of sending completely random messages completely unrelated to what you actually intended to type. It appears my iPhone ‘corrected’ my first paragraph as I typed it. Even now I am struggling to get him to accept this paragraph the way it is written backspace delete backspace retype.

If you have been a victim of your iPhone, you may be interested to know that ‘Damn you autocorrect’ is a website devoted to bringing light to this phenomenon. The website is so popular that it was released as a book last week. It appears that iPhones have a preference for the profane – although it is a bit worrying to think that the autocorrect feature prefers words you type regularly.

Here are some of the examples from the site that are suitable for publishing in a family friendly column. You can see more examples of the treachery of iPhones at http://damnyouautocorrect.com

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