Netspeak: Common Language Search

May 17, 2011


Should it be “What I Learnt Today?” or “What I Learned Today?”

I am “waiting for” a response, or I am “waiting on” a response?

Netspeak at is a cool tool that provides a ‘common language’ search. It answers questions about preferred usage, by searching the web for matches for a phrase you specify.

Replace a word you’re not sure about with a ‘?’, or have Netspeak pick between two options using square brackets [ ].

Try these

what I [learnt learned] today

Try it

shows “What I learned today” is much more commonly used than “What I learnt today”
(imagine all those 12,503 people being incorrect, and only 304 being on the money) 

a ? in time

Try It

shows ‘a point in time’ is most commonly used – followed by ‘a moment in time’, ‘a wrinkle in time’ (?) and ‘a stich’ in time

? Lembke

Try It

shows that the most common first name for a Lembke on the web is Holger.

More examples at the Netspeak site

PS. It seems that cousin Holger has his own website. I wonder what it is for? Sprechen sie deutsch?  Unfortunately, my German is completely informed by what I learnt from Hogans Heroes. Achtung! Schnell! I know nufink. At least I can speak to Mike.


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