Ring, Ring, Why Don't You Give Me a Call?

Oct 24, 2011

Ring Ring, The Happiest Sound of them All


Don’t you just love getting a phone call at home at 7pm each night to let you know about some fascinating opportunity to save money? Or a call tat gives you the chance to help an organization in need?

And Isn’t it nice to be able to chat with some interesting person from another country.

Over the last five years I’ve signed up a new telephone plan each  and bought every raffle ticket on offer. Strangely, my phonebill gets higher and higher, and I’ve yet to receive my new house, boat, car, and cruise.

Alas, our phone is quiet now. We signed on to the governments ‘Do Not Call’ program. ( I acknowledge that we may be the last house in the country to do so. That woud be why we got so many calls – we were the only number left on

the call centre’s list)


Most remarkably, the ‘Do Not Call’ process through the web site was quick and easy. Who are you? What numbers do you want blocked? Done.

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