iOS 5 – what now? iMessages

Oct 15, 2011


iMessages allows free text messaging to anyone else which has updated their iPhone or iPad to iOS5.

Like me, you may have trouble finding the new iMessages app. This is because there isn’t one. The new service is built into the old Messages app, used for SMS.  


To activate iMessages, go to Settings>Messages and switch iMessages On. 

 If you are sending a Text message to someone who doesn’t have a iOS 5 then it will go by SMS. If they do have iOS5 and have activated iMessages it will go by iMessage, which is free

if you are on WiFi, and uses a very small amount of your 3G data allowance if you are not.

You can tell if someone is using iMessages as the Send button (and their text) will be blue instead of the usual green.


 The Messages app is now also available on the iPad. As the iPad doesn’t have a Phone Number,  it uses your AppleID to locate you.

 What if your family share the same AppleID? This is common, as it makes it easier to buy and share apps and songs. Can you still text from one family member to another, or will everyone receive the same messages?

 You can now identify different family members using their email address.

 Go to Settings>Messages, and click on the Receive At button. Click Add Another Email…., and add the email address of the person who uses that iPad or iPhone. 

 To send a message to an iPad, you send it to the email address rather than a phone number. It will arrive in the Mesages app on the iPad. (It will also arrive in their iPhone, if they have set it up with the same email address).

 You can send me an iMessage by texting








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