Xtranormal – Do It Yourself Movies

Mar 20, 2011

Budding Fellinis and Lurhmans out there will know that actors can be just soooo difficult to work with. Not to mention Best Boys and Key Grips.

Xtranormal is a website that provides the actors, cameramen, and crew. 

You select the scenery, choose your actors, provide the script and bingo! Your animated movie is done.

Here is a short movie that Millie wrote and produced today which promotes a popular website.

Thanks to Hamish for the tip about xtranormal. It must be bookmarked in every hospital, as many of the xtranormal movies on YouTube are a sarcastic portrayal of medical craft groups (or patients). This is a well known clip – an overkeen orthopaedic registrar presenting a case to the anaesthetic registrar. (warning : medical humour)

PS If ‘normal’ and ‘ordinary’ have the same meaning, why are extra-normal and extra-ordinary opposites?


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